The climate is generally warm and mild all year. It is difficult to have cold days.

In summer, the days are permed sun. A beautiful sunset in the sea. Recommended Sunscreen.

In winter, maximum is reached using a coat in the coldest season. It is advisable to bring waterproof jackets windbreak or day with drizzle .

Summary of the year according to the;

December – May: Sol cases permanent. Temperatures 27 C ° (78 F °). Very hot and sunny. Good waves almost every day. Occasional heavy rain at night.

June to August: Cloudy days and sunny days are alternated. Mild drizzles. Average temperature 24 C ° (76 F °). Good time to learn to surf as the waves are not as big.

October – November: Predominantly cloudy days. Drizzle (light rain). Coldest days (to 20 C °).