Houses and land for sale.

Amplio Terreno en Montañita

Location: Barrio El Ocelot - Montañita

Phones: 0985609814 -(593)991792659 - (593)42060121 - (593)42060137 ´

Opportunity sold one hectare of arable land in the hills of Montañita, near the estuary Chicharron - Barrio El Ocelot. Reports by mail: [email protected] or at the El Refugio Bird. Scriptures in order. See image of the area.

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Venta Dos Casas Montañita

Location: Margay neighborhood. Montanita 5 minutes walk. At 500 meters from the sea in a quiet area.

Phones: 0995784778 ´

Two houses for sale (120 m2 and 32m2) in extensive grounds near the village and in an area of ​​great peace and tranquility. Beautiful ecologic house, made of treated cane, looking after each finish. Spectacular park with various ornamental plants and different kinds of trees. Price $ 120,000 (negotiable)

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Venta propiedad en Montañita

Location: Main Road, Ruta del Sol, 150 meters from the main bus whereabouts of Montanita.

Phones: 0999530430 ´

Excellent lot and property for tourist venture in Montanita, located near the center in the Path to Montanita. Unique opportunity to start a business of any kind by the strategic location and excellent access since it is in definite must if you are going to or coming from Guayaquil, being the point of greatest tourist influx, vehicular inclusive. Suitable for business or government office (detachments or other)

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Sale of Business

Phones: 0999686616 - 0979142497 ´

Great opportunity. For sale goodwill in Montanita , Local fully equipped to start work or new venture

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Promotion 15USD / m2 Allotment Eden Hills

Phones: 0979142497 - 0998509158 - 042901496 ´

You have your dream come true TODAY !! Buy land of 1000m2 to 15USD / m2 with scriptures, electricity and water. Excellent payment and financing agreements.  The largest property project of the Region.

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