National Holidays 2015 Ecuador

Public Holidays in Ecuador. Useful for scheduling your vacation, review and organize your family time activities, partner and / or friends information.

  • National Holidays 2015 Ecuador-Montañita

We present the list of National holidays 2015 Ecuador; remember that at this time the number of tourists from home and abroad is high in Montañita Area, so remember to book accommodation in advance to enjoy a comfortable and carefree.

Please keep in mind that after the year-end holiday dates busiest tourism are Carnival (Saturday, February 14 to Tuesday February 17th) and Easter (Thursday April 2nd to Sunday April 5).

With this information we hope you can plan your vacation and let us have the pleasure to meet them again.

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Important: in Montañita will host the championship ALAS (Latin American Surfing Championship), specifically the second date thereof: from 26 February to March 2015 first [/ box]


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