Manglaralto in the estuary, you can swim and see a cute own ecosystem off the coast of Ecuador

  • Mangroves-Montañita

For those who enjoy a good walk and nature, it is possible to appreciate a nice mangrove near Montanita.

To the south we have the town of Manglaralto, (a very quiet and peaceful village) before reaching this, walking along the beach from Montañita, we will find a wide estuary.

This estuary is large and deep in some areas and can swim in.

Undoubtedly, the mangrove is typical and characteristic of Ecuador, the people fished there (and continue to do so in some sectors) shrimp. It is the right place for the growth of these (considered the best in the world)

It is everyone's care and make care Mangrove

Towards the mangrove

You can go walking along the beach or take the bus to Manglaralto. It is very close to Montanita.



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