Alex cascades

Knows the nature of the area in this journey that culminates in the cascades of Olon. You can go on bike, motorbike or on foot.

  • Alex cascades-Montañita

This waterfall is in Olon, towards the mountain. Near the end of the people by going from the south.

It is a paved road (the first part) and then a dirt road where we cross a stream and go following it (the cross many times) to reach a private property, where we can enter and see the waterfall and pond water it forms.

Alli can swim and also know the vegetation of the area as there are zonal variety of plants and trees cataloged name.

Since the road is convenient to bike (can rent Montañita)

Walking is nice to do and takes about three hours to arrive.

We may perhaps find someone who will bring us inward or taxi.

Is not only good to go there but also seen in the way the rich vegetation and the diversity of species living there.

The entrance of the property varies according to the people they go.

An hour bike or walk three hours or for those who wish can rent bikes or Cuadrón. Let's have fun.



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