bubbles Laundry

Bubbles Laundry is the best choice you can find in Montañita The wash his clothes and hygiene . Quality, Compliance and service characterized them . His short lead times really child (2h AND DELIVERY on the same day ) . Comfortably expect delivery of your clothes in the waiting room with wifi Having Bubbles For You .

  • bubbles Laundry-Montañita
  • bubbles Laundry-Montañita

Very clean establishment, has a waiting room area, with Wi-Fi. The latest brand-new equipment. We deliver your clothes the same day, crisp, and fragrant. We take good care of the health for your body with individualized machine wash, your clothes are not mixed with other customers clothes. We use biodegradable detergents, always have water, we have a tank of 10.000 liters.

At the same time we offer an economic laundry service and can return your laundry in less than 2 hours. You can for example wash 7kg for only $6,50.

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