Montanita Ecuador

It is an all in one! Montañita certainly fits everything a person needs, if you want to rest, fun, sport, party, extreme sports, culture, oscio, among many other things ... then is the perfect place. Being quiet in the day but with great nightlife people, it involves people with a unique and inexplicable magic where many of those who go back and others simply remain.

  • Montanita Ecuador-Montañita

Ecuador is a small mountain town with a lot of "action".

It named by having a location surrounded by hills and vegetation have the foot of the sea. It has become a tourist spot, visited during all months of the year, with national and international native and foreign populations. It is listed as an important point of Surf because it has waves that can reach 2.5 meters; It is recognized worldwide, allowing performed annually Surf championship attended by national and foreign professional surfers.

Is undoubtedly the different people of Ecuador. Why?

  • It has a multicultural environment: based people there coming from many countries of Europe, across America and even Oceania.
  • It has the best night of Ecuador: unrestricted, with longer hours during high season, with more cocktail bars, the best atmosphere, the best electronic festivals , the best beach party and main streets.
  • It has excellent waves, with a good tour, ideal for surfers of medium and high level.
  • You can learn to surf in a short time, thanks to its excellent teachers (many professional surfers).
  • It has a high level of hospitality with excellent service and good location near the beach.
  • Has a high gastronomic level, it offers restaurants with international menus and dishes from the Ecuadorian coast.

Montanita is definitely a place you visit with the security of return, many come back later to stay.

From there you can access many activities such as diving , machalilla know the national park and its beach " Los Frailes ". Ride a bike . Do parasailing . Making the tour of whale watching , among many other water, air and land activities.

It is close to major attractions such as Salinas , Ayampe , Puerto Lopez, Guayaquil, among others.

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