Answer: i was robbed

hello there guys 

i was robbed on friday the 29th of november 

i was hoping to get some advice on how to approach the police to make a propper police report , i went yesterday to the police just outside of town of montanita , but they just drove me around to look for the peopple that robbed me, but they said i had to go to the "treasury " on monday to file some sort of report, but my spanish is not that good and i have no idea where this treasury is. 


Thanks guys 


You have to go with some spanish interpreter to the police station in Montanita. The other possibility is going to Manglaralto to the justice building ("Judicatura" in spanish) I think that could be the best option.

Also you can go to the "comuna" and tell them what happen.. May be they can know those guys who robbed you

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