Santiago Sutton

An artist of Montanita. He nows resides in Cuenca.

  • Santiago Sutton-Montañita
  • Santiago Sutton-Montañita
  • Santiago Sutton-Montañita
  • Santiago Sutton-Montañita

 Santiago Sutton is the artist's art exhibited in the village of Montanita. A work performed for many hotels and restaurants in town.

You could say that is the most popular artist profilico and Montañita for all the works that have been made in the village.

Make totems (called tikis in place) that adorn places like Tiki Limbo, Sumbawa and Hola Ola. These are made from local wood and carved by different shapes and styles. The last performing also are painted to give them a new twist.

Also draws, paints on canvas and murals done. It makes paintings with a truly unique style because as he indicates he is self-taught. This has led him to perform unique works itself.

Also it makes masks carnival type, allegorical and other indigenous faces, carved and painted wood.

Also makes posters for shops (wood and painted with exclusive designs) and commercial logos or for those who need creativity and art to expose their brand figures.

This artist does not stop at his creations always innovating and giving more.

James Sutton was born in Argentina and came to Montanita in year 96. I was in love with the place, its environment and surfing. Now has its own workshop located near the bridge. Alli produces and sells what he does.



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