1st Surfing Championship 2014 Intercomunal-Collegiate Montañita

Event in order to find new talent and empower local surfers. Inter-collegiate championship in Montañita

  • 1st Surfing Championship 2014 Intercomunal-Collegiate Montañita-Montañita


Event Results

Table 16 Sub category

1st place Rafael Mejia Jose Clemente School Lequerica

2nd place Yagual School Cristofer Jose Mejia Lequerica

Brian Rodriguez College 3rd place Manglaralto

Under 14 category

1st place Yagual School Cristofer Jose Mejia Lequerica

2nd place Eric Mejia Jose Limon School Lequerica

3rd place Liceo Rafael Romero Christian Guayaquil

Under 12 category

1st place Jose Luis Limon Santa Maria del Fiat

2nd place Jonny Jose Mejia Gonzalez School Lequerica

3rd place Limon Santa Maria Williams Fiat

Under 16 Bodyboard category

1st place Moises de la Rosa College Manglaralto

2nd place Jean Carlos Rosales Santa Maria del Fiat

3rd place Anderson Merejildo Santa Maria del Fiat

Category U14

1st Place Jordan Salinas Santa Maria del Fiat

2nd place Kevin Leonardo College Manglaralto

3rd place Jorgi Fiat Santa Maria Reyes



[Icon_star] [/ icon_star] This August 16, 2014 in Montanita, Ecuador Province of Santa Elena. The first inter-collegiate championship surf zone will take place. This is part of an initiative to encourage surfing on the peoples of the region as well as the search for new talent.

The tournament will be divided into categories according to age:

Table: U16, U14, U12

Bodyboard: Under 16, Under 14, Under 12

Besides nocturnal date:

Night Event Night Session expression

Category: Open

Also: Demonstration CPR (first aid) and beginner surf clinic

Date: August 16

Location: Native versus Bambo

Time: from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and the evening event from 20:30 pm to 24:00 am

We look forward to everyone's support for this initiative to enhance and provide more opportunities for local surfers in the face of upcoming events and national and international competitions.

Very interesting is also the night session since the public can enjoy the best surfers in the party atmosphere and good vibes that is characteristic of Montanita.

Organizer: Roberto Pinto

[email protected]

Phone: 0967976303