Alas Championship 2015

Camponato Surf in Montanita. As annually, this year to date 2015 will be held the championship from 9 to April 11, where a tribute will be made to Mimi Barona national and final competitor Latino champion, who also bring up the name of Ecuador its native is born in Montanita.

From 9 to April 11, 2015, on a new date Montanita Latin Tour will live. As the years passed Latin surfing federation trust for its surf Montañita, accommodation options and fun to make a full party of surfing and sport.

This date will have the particularity that "Mimi" is named in honor of the champion last Wings and local competitor.

We rely on the support of local surfers as well as the people around Ecuador; Barona especially Mimi, last Latin champion, born in Montanita.

The next date will be held in Manta.

The following link can see the entire championship dates