Comienza Oficialmente el Avistamiento de Ballenas 2017 !!

Comienza Oficialmente el Avistamiento de Ballenas 2017 !!

Whales arrived and with them the perfect support for Manabi !! , see the sighting , share , eat, enjoy! Manabi awaits you with open arms . Native , artisans , entrepreneurs, working to meet you and give you the best of their land.

  • Comienza Oficialmente el Avistamiento de Ballenas 2017 !!-Montañita
has started whale watching officially begins on the Ecuadorian coast.

Since a few days ago they are already several tourists and natives who have had the privilege of watching the whales in the early hours of the day; Now with the official opening of the sighting, anyone visiting the main sites can view as majestic spectacle. Remember that thousands of kilometers of walking Whales looking for warmer waters, reaching our coast, which allow us to see them up close and live so unforgettable experience.

Currently watching tours departures are made at different places. Those who go to Isla de la Plata are 14 vessels that already have permission to operate smoothly; in Puerto Lopez are 28 boats that have a temporary permit provided by the Machalilla National Park while being approved its environmental permit.

Manabi after the earthquake is lively, working as a team and willing to receive all the tourists who visit, being Puerto Lopez, Isla de la Plata and Machalilla National Park manabitas one of the places where the sighting can be made; becoming the perfect opportunity for the people flowed and people who were affected tourism can benefit from approaches to perform such sighting. own local crafts, typical food, clothing made by natives, among other things able to buy and thus contribute a bit to trade, which seeks daily stabilize and retake somehow the pace of life they had.

Starting points for the sighting:

Salinas, Santa Elena
Puerto López, Machalilla National Park, La Isla de La Plata, Puerto Cayo, Manta, Bahia de Caráquez (Manabí).
Mompiche, Sua (Esmeraldas).
maritime control by the Ministry of Environment will be held during the season in order to ensure the smooth functioning of protocol and tourist operators. Ensuring the integrity of tourists and preventing them from being disturbed Whales.

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