Aluminé Guerrero (singer)

Argentina author who sings with her warm voice captive nights Montanita. Artists make their mark.

  • Aluminé Guerrero (singer)-Montañita
  • Aluminé Guerrero (singer)-Montañita


Always represented by a warm smile and radiant face ... as the name implies "Aluminé, what would be a clear glow, transparent in the background," is a singer Argentina 25 years born in Bahia Blanca - Argentina, father Mother and artists. He began his career when he was 8 years old. At meetings of the college always he sang and practiced at home with the support of his family.

Ending his teens he traveled to Buenos Aires capital to work and continue to be held as a singer. It lies in the historic and brand new neighborhood of La Boca, where he met lovely people and is surrounded by a clear artistic and cultural environment. He is focusing more on the left a little work your core activity which was to sing and dedicated to work hard and then buy stereos with then begin his musical project focused on a Latin wave, driven rhythms and themes to calm the atmosphere and body.

Life took her to meet Conrado Rodriguez (Sound system) who became a great friend and who would help a lot with their songs. From that time until today Conrado helps you master your letters, listening and advised; Key to train every day as an artist and his audience present an impeccable work friend.

In the course of his life and career Rodrigo Leiva he knows (guitarist), who came together to bring young people to folklore. Also he met Juan Harwicz "The Lizard", Argentine artist who did some work and compositions ( ).

After this time in the mouth, he takes a whirlwind trip ... with his life companion Emiliano to visit some cities of Argentina and Latin America. He passed Neuquen, Rio Black (where he recorded the album "Two Words" which took a month to do so), Chile, then went to Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador where he decided finally get to Montañita (tourist place and the main destination for many who visit for the first time Ecuador). He was struck by the scene of the street because no one knows what will happen, there is no point in the world where not pass such a diversity of people, artisans, musicians, ethnic groups and where every day is different from before even being same point location.


Like many artists from around the world come to Montanita in search of job opportunities, spiritual growth, tranquility, and change of lifestyle. Unknown at this specific point in Ecuador nice people who shared unique moments, surrounded by magic, art and culture. It takes good instruction and certainly tourists and natives who had the pleasure of hearing his voice ... will follow where you are living and enjoying harmony using his lyrics.

Well does not regret having left the city as he did to fulfill your dream, make the world so that the public, culture and new experiences are always "leave the routine and the falsity of time that do not let you see more alla ".

Another work of Aluminé and very heard by night wandering Montanita community and .

  For those who want to see a little more of Aluminé, family and art that was formed as an artist

Aluminé Guerrero, singer, artist and young dreamer promises to return with more projects, followed devoting to what was, became and will always be your dream ... SING !!