Artisans in Montanita

Artisans around the world, especially in South America visit and expose their art in Montanita.

  • Artisans in Montanita-Montañita

Certainly Montañita well as being a synonym for Surfing has become known for being a craft village ...

Hippies long time and artisans everyone does, but mainly from South America, have come to Montanita to settle or spend short periods as part of the folklore and culture of the people.

The craftsmen exhibit their works in the main streets. Many make macrame (waxed fabrics or colored thread), make bracelets and necklaces with different colors, shapes and patterns; also pins and other crafts. Others are dedicated wing making alpaca necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. Every so we can see different things and / or new craft projects where dolls, paintings and objects built with wires included.

It is a charming town that can take many lessons, develop your creativity and interact with people of different nationalities, but sharing something in common ... Montañita.

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