Nativa Bambu

Native is one of the largest disk Montañita, where they can enter about 1000 people. It offers visitors a variety of music for all tastes, while enjoying a spectacular view of the sea and Punta Montanita wing.

  • Nativa Bambu-Montañita
  • Nativa Bambu-Montañita
  • Nativa Bambu-Montañita

Native is one of the biggest clubs in Montañita.

It is located on the boardwalk, waterfront next to Hotel Montanita. It has a nice view of the sea, the pier and the tip.

Construction impacts having at large but primarily by the fact that the top is built with cane in his columns and ceiling, very tailored and perfect relationship with the physiognomy of Montanita.

It has a total capacity of 1000 people since it has two dance floors.

On the first floor you can enjoy electronic music and upstairs Latin music, reggaeton, rock steady, etc.

Is there a cover charge.

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