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Preparation of Balsa Wood Tables

  • Moreno Surfboards-Montañita

If we look for a table of balsa not doubt to consult Moreno. Moreno has a shop located on the bus road down hill, and is certainly one of the leaders of the people regarding construction of tables.

For years Moreno manufactures surfboards balsa wood.

The balsa wood is given in Ecuador and called attention to its low weight in relation to size. This allows making tables longboard (larger) light and a flotation my good.

Moreno can advise the ideal body size, weight and experience. He can build these data as tables.

It is also surf instructor so you can target more knowledge on measures and also to make classes for those who want it.

Surfboards Moreno also rent surfboards carbon fiber and performs all types of repair and so also sells and rents neoprene suits and other accessories to enter the sea.

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