Precautions at sea

Useful to escape a hangover at sea advice, remember that the sea is one of respect and in some cases have sudden changes that can take us by surprise. Be Atendo the following recommendations to avoid a tragedy.

  • Precautions at sea-Montañita
  • Precautions at sea-Montañita

Montanita Sea is a sea with strong currents and strong surf generally every day and is more frequent in the area of Punta; though sometimes the sea is calm.

Under the influence of Punta Montanita and rocky bottom currents can be quite treacherous.

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As explained in the graph, when we have a strong current that drags us out to sea, we must do the following:

  • Not despair. Keep Calm and senses alert
  • Do not fight the current, but accompany
  • Swim synchronously and without much effort trying to keep the air
  • The moment you feel the current is weaker, automatically swim sideways to escape it.

Always remember to stay calm.

Do not enter intoxicated with the sea and always accompany children.

If not swim just enter waist.

Check with surfers or swimmers current sea conditions.

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