Walking on the beach (north)

Walking along the beach to Olon, Curia, San Jose, beautiful beaches of the coast of Ecuador.

  • Walking on the beach (north)-Montañita

A nice output without cost and that will bring us great satisfaction and relaxation it is to go north of Montanita walk.

We have two possibilities, one is going to Olon bus (50 cents from Montanita), another is walking.

They are about 40 minutes walking, going to the end, up to the sanctuary of Olon (above the tip, an incredible view).

After that we recommend eating at olon huts on the beach (cheap eats and rich) and then walk down the beach to San Jose Curia and then.

At the end of Olon q see a river flows into the sea and we can cross the beach (is shallow)

Then we will see nice houses and nice uncrowded beaches.

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