Walking on the beach (south)

Walk from Montañita to Manglaralto, Cadeate, Rio boy. A relaxing walk and full of beauty.

  • Walking on the beach (south)-Montañita

For those who like a simple walk from Montañita we recommend leaving the beach to the south. You will find deserted (or very few people) beaches.

From the beach of Montañita should go south, toward Manglaralto.

First they pass the shrimp and then come to the mangrove (like a river that flows into the sea). Passing that can meet the quiet village of Manglaralto.

From the end of it there appear some nice houses up to Rio boy with a small river / mangrove. After continuing you can reach Cadeate.

All the way you can admire the beauty of the coast of Ecuador.

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