Get in to Montañita

From Quito Montañita

Alternatives for travel to Quito Montañita safely. According to the economic budget, you can opt for bus, taxi, van or plane (the latter only from Quito to Guayaquil).

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From Venezuela

You can make several land routes from Venezuela across Colombia-Ecuador Montañita with Destiny.

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New Quito Airport

Quito opened the door to "Tababela" its new airport, which is 40 minutes from downtown, offering more modern and complete services.

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Bus terminals

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There are taxi companies

Go Montanita Bus

Location: Vicente Rocafuerte / Second Rosales

Phones: 0986679985 - 0993064642 ´

Ticket sales to Ecuador: Baños de Agua Santa, Mompiche, Montañita, Quito, Cuenca, Galapagos Peru: Mancora, Piura, Trujillo, Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu. Chile: Santiago. Argentina Buenos Aires. Colombia: Cali, Bogota.

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Transportation Montanita

Location: Guayaquil

Phones: 0985043423 - 0968589365 ´

Differential door to door service to Guayaquil - Montañita - Puerto López -. Mancora - Cuenca

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Compañia Transporte Turistico - Brisas de Montañita

Location: Montañita Ecuador.

Phones: Claro: 0983782643 Movi: 099 012 7832 ´

"Brisas de Montañita" Company of tourist transport makes trips to Ecuador with all the latest model cars and vans for large or for particular groups. Transportation from the airport of Guayaquil to Montañita live in vans. Tours to all pensinsula Santa Elena and the entire coast of Ecuador. We also cover the region of the sierra (Banos travel) Seriousness and reliability

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Montañisol SA - Taxi en Montañita

Location: Av August 10th and Vicente Rocafuerte. - Montañita - Manglaralto - Santa Elena

Phones: 042060217 - 0982795312 - 0939140192 ´

Taxi company executives located in Montanita. We all kind of transport throughout the Ruta del Sol and Ecuador. Seriousness and punctuality. Latest model cars, clean and care.

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Thundercar - Rent car Montanita

Location: Guayaquil and Montezuma Hotel in Montanita

Phones: 04-2-396223 Movil: 0999896901 - 09998389216 ´

Thundercar offers services that are helpful to your needs to mobilize during their vacations around the country. We offer -professionals, reliable and personalizados- services.

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Car rental

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Bus Companies

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