Arian is an Ecuadorian artist who has been part of change and growth that has taken Montañita, as their works have contributed to the development of many places, for example, the restaurant at Hotel SAFARI Montanita. He works skillfully with paint on canvas, murals, performance lamps etc.

  • Arian-Montañita

Arian is a young artist born in Ecuador in Guayaquil, ancestry Irani. Currently lives in San Jose with his wife Pamela and her daughter Estella.

Artist with a promising future, has been released from the paint on fabric, ceramics and in recent times makes lamps painted, but as many know is an artist-road, with skilled hands that let you perform activities also outside painting but always with creativity as interior design, carpentry etc.

His paintings and lamps adorn many places in Montañita; It is the most representative restaurant Safari Hotel Montanita.

The lamps are made of wood, typical product of the area and specially treated making them highly durable. Made by hand, painted by him (each unique, 100% original) fabrics.


Contact: 0969925172 

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