D10 Empanadas

For those looking to eat well and cheaply invite you to try D10, a place where you will find the best Argentine empanadas, as well as traditional pizza average mass per meter, half a meter or staff.

If you are looking for quality and rich pies undoubtedly you have to try the Argentine empanadas "D10".

Located in the center of Montañita, front wing and diagonally Marea Pizzeria Restaurant Pigro offers rich pies just 1usd.

Besides Argentine empanadas, it offers a different proposal, "pizza by the meter". One meters x sold a meter of pizza at a great price. The pizza is different from those made in Montanita and it's a little more high classical "Mass Media" Pizza. You can also find the option to buy half a meter or personal pizza and drinks where you can place an order for takeout or to enjoy the place while listening to good music or converse with your companions.

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