Currents and sea

Keep in mind the sea conditions before entering, and consult with local people to prevent a tragedy.

  • Currents and sea-Montañita

Thanks to the shape of the tip, the waves produced in this area is ideal for experienced surfers. The waves have an interesting tour and the wave goes partner.

Montañita has two currents collide and fall into a whirlpool; 500 m before the Punta, in the middle of the bay is this maelstrom, caution should be exercised and tourists consider it a professional swimmer, in order to avoid a tragedy.

From this place to have a current tip pointing towards the north and from the swirl toward the people have a stream that is directed towards the south. It is suitable for surfing at La Punta (experts) or beach village (semi beginners and experts).

It is always advisable to study the sea or ask a local wave conditions to enter with ease. There are times where the water source (about 6 times in the year) occurs, it is when the sea advances on the coast and a strong and constant waves, which can lead to bathers inward quickly without realizing occurs.



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