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Basic Tips for Beginners Surf.

  • Info for Beginners-Montañita

Montañita has several surf schools. It is advisable to taking basic tips if performed at least one or two surf lessons.

Here we explain in the sand techniques to stand on the board and how to move it once entered the sea. Overall classes include a theoretical and practical part, so the table is included in the price.

We are not all experts in surf so here are some facts to consider to start surfing in Montañita:

  • It is best to start with a longboard: this is a surfboard but bigger and wider. Its shape makes it easier and less physical effort to stop a wave.
  • We can if we start with a surfboard 6 '8' '. (Measured in inches) that do not have as much stability as longboard, but are more stable than a smaller.
  • Before entering the sea we must take a few minutes to observe it. It must be entered in the fields in which to observe the wave is breaking into its highest peak: that is the first place where the foam is formed.
    It is generally seen that the wave breaks at the same locations for periods of time, this exact signal where entering we give; at this point when I get a wave with enough force, we can surfearla to the right or left.



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