Surf in Montañita

Know the types of breakers that have the sea at Punta de Montañita.

  • Surf in Montañita-Montañita

Surf considered the capital of Ecuador, there are two types Montañita surf: La Punta (Point) Wave right point-break type bottom coral.

In its extreme right is the famous rock formation called "La Punta Montanita" where we also have a rocky bottom. This Punta gives this wave a fairly extensive tour and in the same Point have virtually assured always a wave.

In the days when we favors the waves can be really powerful and high waves (~ 3 meters = 10 feet) recommended only for experienced surfers. Beach-Break

Between the tip and the center of Montañita, they are suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers fast waves (left and right). Peaks out along the beach and when this glass pede have a high and powerful wave. In Montañita you can learn to surf because the waves so permits at certain times of the day and also seeking precise location. There are several surf schools with teachers who speak English; plus you can rent boards by the hour, half day or all day.



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