Between the river and the Surf Point

You are pass the bridge, in direction north. It is a quiet area where you can connect with nature and the beach, away from the noise of the center but with everything you need on their journey, and shops, restaurants and hotels.

  • Between the river and the Surf Point-Montañita
  • Between the river and the Surf Point-Montañita

We call this sector that is going over the bridge,  until the surf point.

When one enters Montanita, from the south just past Manglaralto, is the first entry in Montañita, following on the same path spondylus past the main bus stop is a river, crossing the bridge over the river, down the first entry / street on the left towards the sea. When you reach the beach turn right in the direction that came about spondylus and parallel to the same route. Walk from this point to the tip section of the mound.

The Rio-Punta sector is known for its tranquility; generally no noise from the clubs are heard unless it is a special occasion such as Carnival, Easter or New Year. In this way you will find many hotels and hostels, with different services and costs, spondylus shops on the route or some restaurants and street vendors on the beach.

To take a tour through the streets and / or the beach is great as its tranquility can enjoy the environment, culture and interact with people around the world. Along the river you can see lizards, reptiles, iguanas and becoming a propitious to take pictures and look closely at these bird species place.




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