Surfing paradise for some, party place for others, meeting nationalities of the world, meditation and healing center of natural beauty, all that is Montañita and more ..

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Get in to Montañita

Directions from Bogota Colombia to Montanita

You can make different overland routes from Bogota...

From Colombia - Ecuador border

The journey from the Colombian border to Montañita...

From Guayaquil to Montañita

To get to Montañita from Guayaquil can make 2 runs...

Travel from Manta

Travel from Manta

Manta Montanita trip through the Manglaralto company....

By Avion Montanita

By Avion Montanita

Direct and secure Guayaquil Airport Montañita Courses....

Tourism and adventure sports in Montañita

Montañita Center

Certainly Montañita nights are highly preferred by...

Surf point

Surf point

The point is the encounter with another world, here...

Tigrillo Neighborhood

Tigrillo Neighborhood

Ocelot is the neighborhood's green area of ​​Montanita....

Surfing in Montañita

Surf in Montañita

Know the types of breakers that have the sea at Punta...

Wave and tidal current

Wave and tidal current

Check the waves and the current tide before performing...

Currents and sea

Currents and sea

Keep in mind the sea conditions before entering, and...




3 Km North


6 Km North


3 Km South

Rio Chico

5 Km South

Close places


18 Km

Ayampe is on the dividing line between the provinces...


49 Km

Salinas is a tourist paradise for both nationals and...

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