Approximate cost

Daily budget to stay in Montanita.

  • Approximate cost-Montañita

To make a daily budget of how much is spent in Montañita we consider the costs of accommodation, meals and incidental expenses such as trips to the night and others.

[Box style = "info Prices and approximate date for 2015-2016 (per person) [/ box]


  • Campsites: 2usd to 4usd.
  • Community Rooms: 5usd to 10usd.
  • Simple hotel: 15usd to 18usd.
  • Hotel with basic services (may include some TV-air conditioning-Fi in social areas): 25usd to 35usd
  • Hotel with more services (Air Conditioning -TV- pool- parking-access in room - etc): 35usd, and 60usd 40usd.


  • Simple lunch: 3usd to 3,50usd
  • Common lunch: 4usd to 5usd
  • À la carte: 5usd to 10usd
  • Colas: 0.75usd to 1usd
  • Juices 2usd
  • Shakes 2,50usd

Expenses at night:

  • Clubs: 5usd to 10usd
  • Beer in clubs: 2,50usd to 3usd
  • Beer on the street: 1,50usd to 2usd
  • Cocktails in street stalls: 2,50usd to 5usd

Miscellaneous expense:

  • Class surfing and board (2 hours): approx 15usd
  • Rent table: 8usd to 12usd (noon)
  • Tour to see the whales: 25usd to 35usd (The agency)


  • Bracelets or bracelets to Artisans: 2usd between 5usd simple to the most elaborate 10usd.
  • Necklaces (handmade) 10usd to 20usd
  • Dresses from 18usd to 45usd

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