Daily budget to stay in Montañita

The following is a basic guide cost to perform the daily budget as the holidays you want and be able to travel without suffering setbacks.

  • Daily budget to stay in Montañita-Montañita

As we saw in the guide of approximate costs, we can have several daily budgets according seek vacation wings.

Montañita suits our pocket and we can organize a vacation as hassle.


  • Super Economico: Staying in Camping (average cost of 2usd to 4usd per night), breakfast onions (average cost 2,50usd), cheap lunch menu (average cost 3usd), dining 2 empanadas (average cost 2usd). Total average stay per day: between 9,50usd and 11,50usd.
  • Economic: Simple hotel (average cost of 5usd to 15usd per night), breakfast in the restaurant (average cost 3usd), lunch and dinner in the restaurant (average cost 3.50 usd c / u) Total average stay per day: between and 25usd 15usd .
  • Normal: hotel (average cost of 25usd to 35usd per night), breakfast dish à la carte restaurant (average cost between 4 and 6usd), lunch and dinner in restaurant dish a la carte (average cost 10usd 5usd and c / u) Total average stay per day: between 34USD and 51usd.

In addition to these basic assumptions we must consider extras like public transport (bus 0.50 minimum cost can vary according to distance and minimum cab ride 1,50usd value may vary depending on the distance), table rent, surf lessons, or outputs at night.

In some camping or hotels provide the kitchen for guests to cook their meals; thus saving approximately 50% of food expenditures averaged above.

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