Montañita campsites

Campsites Montañita, sector and district Punta Ocelot has the busiest. A very economical option chosen by adventurous travelers.

  • Montañita campsites-Montañita

Montañita has several places where you can go camping and overall price is very affordable, where the amount charged per person per night on average 2usd to 4usd. Most campgrounds offer communal kitchen and bathrooms with shower and hot water.

There are two campsites in the area of Punta:

-The "Vito camping", one of the most historic places. Vito is a resident oldest Montañita offering rooms to rent and camping by the sea.

There's another camping walking from the tip towards Montañita: "Pa ..." There can make camping waterfront and also has a communal kitchen.

In the neighborhood we have several campsites Margay:

- "The tigrillos" Going up the main street of the Ocelot meters from the road to the left side.

-Subiendo The main street of the Ocelot, then turn left at the first entrance there "Montañita Garden".

Continuing along the main street of ocelot along the way can be found other campsites.

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