Weather in Montanita

Montañita weather and seasons. Best time of year to visit the village.

  • Weather in Montanita-Montañita
  • Weather in Montanita-Montañita

The weather is generally warm and mild throughout the year, can hardly be cold days. In summer, the days are sunny, where you can enjoy of a beautiful sundown in the sea. In winter it is advisable to bring jackets / coat / windbreaker or waterproof jackets for days with drizzle.

Summary by month of the year:

December to May: almost permanent sun, temperatures of 27 ° C (78 ° F), Very hot, good surf most days and occasional heavy rains at night.

June-August: cloudy and sunny days alternating days, light rain, averaging 24 ° C (76 ° F), good time to learn to surf temperature as the waves are not as big.

October-November: Predominantly cloudy weather, drizzle (light rain), colder days (up to 20 C °).

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